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Ulsan City, Home of Ulsan College

Fast Facts:
Ulsan is located on the Southeastern Coast of the Korean Peninsula, about 45 minutes by bus from Busan (the second largest city in S. Korea and home of the famous Haeundae Beach)
Population of 1.2 million and the highest per capita G.D.P. in South Korea
Home to many famous companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motors, S-Oil and S.K. Energy.
Ulsan is the industrial heart of S.Korea and has transformed itself into a beautiful modern city featuring hundreds of kilometers of river-walking trails, beautiful sandy beaches, festivals, many theatres and shopping areas, 4 seasons, a vibrant nightlife and many great places for college students to enjoy!

Interesting places in Ulsan

  • Taehwa-river Park

    Home to a bamboo forest, it runs along the Taehwa River and connects with kilometres of walking paths, exercise areas, field golf, skateboard parks, festival areas and the famous Whale Walking Bridge.

  • Ulsan Grand Park

    The largest urban ecological park in Korea. Covering almost 1,000 acres in the heart of the city, it features a butterfly observatory, a small zoo, tram rides, picnic areas and bike rentals. Great place to spend a Saturday.

  • Samsan-dong

    Also called the ‘new downtown’, is the most vibrant place in the city and the most popular meeting place for college students, twentysomethings and for anyone who likes shopping, dining, dancing or just hanging out. Home to great pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, shops and of course Hyundai and Lotte Department Stores. Upsquare Shopping Centre is also there and features movie theatres (3D and IMAX), great shops and many dining options. Located about 30 minutes by bus from either the East or West Campuses.

  • Seongam-dong

    Ulsan’s version of Seoul’s Myeong Dong, this is a funky area that has been revitalized extensively within the last two years. Great shops, boutique cafes, accessory shops, independent coffee bars, vintage clothing shops and a great place with an Indy vibe. Stroll the arcade at night (pictured) and strike up a conversation.

  • Ilsan Beach

    This beautiful beach is located 10 minutes on foot from our East Campus. Great shallow, sandy beach with lots to do in and around the area. Features large restaurants, many American fast food franchises (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway), lots of great street food, game arcades and coffee shops with nice views of the beach.

  • Daewangam

    Located at the east end of Ilsan Beach by following the wooden stairs. This is a great walking and meeting/strolling area with fantastic rock cliffs accessed by a walking bridge (pictured). There is also the Ulgi Lighthouse and some interesting 100 year old pine trees for you to explore. After your walk, relax in the nearby restaurants and coffee shops recently opened at the entrance to Ulgi Park.


Transportation Options

  • 01Ilban Bus

    These are the yellow city buses and they circulate to all points in Ulsan with very short waiting times. The fare is 1,150 won and each bus is designated by number and zone (most bus stops have electronic sign boards to keep you in the loop)

  • 02Jwasuk bus

    These buses are the express city bus and the fare is 1,700 won. If you don’t want to stop at every stop or you are in a hurry, these are for you!

  • 03Intercity Buses

    Located at the Intercity Bus Station directly beside Lotte Department Store in Samsan Dong. Every city in S. Korea is covered and these buses are cheap and very convenient.

  • 04MYB Card

    This is an electronic busy cared and offers discounted fares with no worries about cash. Ilban bus fares drop to 1,100 won and Jwasuk bus fares drop to 1,500 won.

  • 05Taxi

    Taxis in S. Korea are affordable, comfortable and everywhere. The basic fare is 2,800 won for the first 2km with increases of 100 won per 144 metres. Just stick your hand out at any passing taxi and you are in business.

  • 06Ulsan Online

    Great English guide for foreigners that includes maps, bus guides, entertainment guides, how-to guides or as their tagline reads: Everything You Need To Know About Ulsan.

Mobile service

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are plentiful and commonly used in Korea. Most have various functions such as texting messages, taking pictures and video calling. The major communication companies in Korea are SK Telecom, KT and LG Telecom. Detailed information can be found on each company’s website in English. To buy a mobile phone, foreigners need to submit copies of their passport, foreigner registration card, and other required documents. In the case of using a proxy, that person should bring an ID as well.

Cities and their Area Codes
Cities and their Area Codes
Area Seoul Incheon Ulsan Busan Daegu Gwangju
Tel. 02 032 052 051 053 062
Area Chung
Gyeonggi-do Gangwon-do
Tel. 041 043 054 055 031 033
Area Jeonlanam-do Jeonlabuk-do Jeju Dajeon
Tel. 061 063 064 042

Medical Services

All of these suggested medical facilities feature English speaking staff. Ulsan University Hospital has an English clinic located on the second floor, up from the lobby. The Korean medical system is both efficient and affordable.

  • 01Ulsan Univ hospital

    290-3 Jeonha-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan

  • 02CK Dentist

    579-30 Ilsan-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan

  • 03Madis Orthopaedic Surgery

    290-3 Jeonha-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan649-19 Hwajeong-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan052-235-5858

Free time

  • 01Jimjilbang

    Korean saunas are called Jimjilbang and are very popular places for relaxation among the Korean people. They can enjoy saunas with their family and friends. Jimjilbangs are usually open 24hours and the entrance fee is usually between 7,000won and 10,000won.

  • 02Baseball Championship

    From April to October the baseball championship are held. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Korea. On weekends, many people go to watch baseball games. There are 8 professional teams that play in stadiums in Seoul, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan, Daejeon and Incheon. The entrance fee is from 8,000 to 30,000 won, depending on the season.

  • 03PCbang

    There are many places where you can use the Internet in Korea. These places are called ‘PC bang’, the Korean word ‘bang’ means room, but another name commonly used is Internet cafe. When you need to use the Internet to check e-mail, surf the web, work on or print documents, you can go to one of many PC bangs, found in every neighborhood. The fees are reasonably priced. Hourly rates are between 1,000won and 1,500 won per hour. If you have a membership or go at night time, it can be cheaper.


  • 01Taehwa River Festival

    During this festival, you can enjoy a variety of fun and exciting sporting events (swimming, dragon boat racing, a marathon, etc). The event also includes a writing contest as well as a painting contest.

  • 02Cheoyong Cultural Festival

    As one of the most famous festivals in Ulsan, The Cheoyong Festival is held in Daldong Cultural Park in early October. A variety of fun and exciting events such as a parade, a world music festival, an academic seminar, an exhibition and diverse hands-on programs are held during the festival.

  • 03Ulsan Whale Festival

    This festival is held at Jangsangpo Marine Park where whaling was a thriving industry in the past. This is the nation’s only whale festival, and it has been held annually since 1995. This festival focuses on continuing to develop whale related tourist resources and increasing economic values by spreading cultural values.

  • 04Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea

    Since 2000, The Onggi Festival has been held at the nation’s biggest Onggi village in Ulsan. This festival focuses on spreading the environmentally friendly culture and the scientific and cultural excellence of traditional Korean earthenware vessels. The festival consists of exhibitions, cultural and academic events and hands-on programs.